Overseas Travel Advice

There might not be anything more exciting than an approaching international trip. Leaving your own country to visit another.

Another Land. Another Culture. Another people.

But you need to remember something…
You are leaving your own country to visit another culture, another land, another people. While, all things considered, international travel is safe, there are still some precautions you should take before you jet off to your dream destination. Read through our basic overseas travel advice first.


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Be prepared for your overseas travel adventure

Make Sure You Are OK
In other words, are all of your vaccinations up to date? There might be a lower standard of medical care in your vacation spot compared to what you are used to at home. By the same token, are all of your prescriptions renewed and up-to-date? Don’t assume you can get a script filled half way around the world.
Bring copies of your passport. Imagine you lose yours. Then what? You can’t get back into your home country. Even save an electronic copy, not on your phone, but in an email account or some other account that you can access anywhere they have internet. Also, leave copies of your passport with somebody at home. Not your favorite pizza deliver guy, but a relative or close friend you trust. You never know.



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Make Sure Your Money Situation is OK
Don’t show up in a new land with no understanding of their monetary system. Go online ahead of time and check out the conversion rates so you aren’t surprised when you get there. And under no circumstances should you visit a conversion center at the airport. A bank or ATM machine is a much safer, accurate and cost-effective way of getting local cash.
With the advent of chip-enabled credit cards, some countries you visit might not accept the “old” magnetic style credit cards. Check ahead. And if you will be able to use your card while out of the country, alert your bank ahead of time so when you buy a coffee 5000 miles from home, they don’t think you are a victim of fraud.
Even if your card will be widely accepted, you should still carry cash just in case a local merchant or other service is cash-only. Similarly, some countries have fees for crossing their borders that could be more than $100. Be prepared.


Make Sure You Know Where You are Going
I know you know where you are going. But what do you know about where you are going? Maybe something as simple as the time difference. You might want to tell your family and friends that it will be the middle of the night when it is the middle of the day at home.
Also, are there any major local events that you wouldn’t want to miss while you are visiting? Festivals, holidays, things of that nature. Or, is there a local delicacy that you’ll feel silly returning home without having tried? Seek this information out online ahead of time, as well as any coupons, tickets, or guidebooks that you can get cheaper at home. Save money, and time, so that your trip can be eventful and relaxing, not an exercise in queueing up.


Make Sure Your Electronics Will Work

You will likely need a charger adapter to use your electronics abroad. And check the voltage of your gadgets and such so that your adapter is strong enough to do the job.

Also, download any apps you might want on your devices at home so you don’t have to concern yourself with roaming or other charges abroad.


Make Sure Your Belongings are Spoken For
Investigate the bag-check policies for your airline so you can avoid any incremental fees that might occur when adding extra baggage. Also make sure you are compliant with any safety regulations that might exist so you don’t have to throw anything away that you thought you would have with you while out of the country.
Also pack some snacks just in case it takes you a while to figure out and settle into the new cuisine. You don’t want even the first few hours of vacation to be a starved hike up and down the square of some little town looking for a place to eat. If you must hike, you may as well do it on a stomach full of familiar foods.
While you’re at it, also pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. You don’t want to have to buy an expensive, touristy outfit at the airport because your luggage flew east while you flew west.

You don’t want your trip of a lifetime to turn into something out of a horror movie. A little preparation while still in the familiar surroundings of home will go a long way toward providing you with a happy, safe, and memorable vacation.

Thanks for reading I hope you have enjoyed this article on overseas travel advice

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