Sharm el sheikh Egypt.

Stayed in sharm el sheikh on the Red Sea Egypt  in the hotel Prima Rehana, what an amazing hotel. While Egypt would probably not be my favourite holiday destination it is certainly well worth a visit.

We flew out from Manchester Airport and after a 6 hour flight arrived at sharm el sheikh.

On landing at the airport a bus arrived at the steps of the plane to take us to the airport terminal.

This is where we were asked to pay $20 each for a visa stamp in our passports, I am not sure whether this is neccasary or not, I think it is only needed if you intend on leaving the Sinai peninsula area,  however I handed over the money inside my passport as i was asked.

I think Staying in Sharm el Sheikh you don’t need the visa but if you are travelling anywhere off the Sinai peninsula then you will need to pay for the Visa.


On arrival at the hotel we were asked to leave all of our luggage on the street outside the hotel, and to go into the hotel restaurant for refreshments.

Being British and with it being midnight local time I did not feel comfortable about leaving my belongings on the street, although I now know that I had nothing to worry about, all of the Egyptian people I met were nothing but honest and trustworthy in that respect.

After having a quick meal in the hotel restaurant we were shown to our rooms where our luggage was waiting.

The main town and shopping centre of Naama Bay is a lively centre with lots of cafes and restaurants there is even a McDonalds.

Shopping can be a bit of a hassle, all of the shops seem to sell the same items, mainly fancy goods and Egyptian ornaments. You will be approached as you pass every shop it usually starts with a polite hello, where are you from, if you get into conversation with the shopkeepers it can be very difficult to get away without being taken into the shop.

If you do go into any of the shops remember that you are expected to haggle with the prices.

On our first day in Sharm el Sheikh we took a taxi into the town, we were advised by the taxi driver to go to the Old Market. This is a separate part of the town and is much more olde worlde than Naama Bay.

When we arrived at the Old Market the taxi Driver insisted that he would wait for us.

As we did not know how long we would be I suggested that he carried on with his work and that I would call him when we were ready to return. However he was persistent that he would wait. He followed us around the Old Market and took us to all of his friend’s shops; I guess he was on commissionJ

Turns out having an over eager and very friendly taxi driver in tow is not such a bad thing, we negotiated a great price for him to take us to Dahab, which turned out to be a really interesting drive over the desert, he even stopped at a Bedouin settlement for me to have a quick ride on one of their camel’s.

After turning off the desert road and driving a couple of miles over the desert sand we came to a small settlement of Bedouins, this is where Salam (The taxi driver) negotiated with the Bedouins to let me have a go on one of their Camel’s.

From here it was on to Dahab which was an amazing experience, with goats and goat herders walking around the main street.

We visited the Cleopatra water park which is very similar to the water parks in Europe and the US.

The Hotel Prima Rehana Resort is one of the most amazing hotels I have stayed in, there were huge swimming pools, plenty of bars and restaurants all within the resort complex.

There is even a Mongolian restaurant floating on a raft in one of the pools.

From what I have seen it looks like all of the Sharm el Sheikh Hotels are of similar standards.

I guess being a town built on the desert there is plenty of space and they are taking advantage of this.

We didn’t have the time available for scuba diving, although we did some snorkelling, just off the hotel’s private beach, with the vast array of coral and the colourful varieties of fish that inhabit the Red Sea it was an amazing experience.

I would sum Sharm el Sheikh up as a great holiday destination particularly if you enjoy taking part in holiday excursions.

The vast array excursions available included quad biking in the desert, Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, Trips to The Pyramids and The Valley Of The kings, Hot Air balloon rides.

It is also inexpensive and with a good exchange rate you do get a lot for your money.

The weather in sharm el sheikh is very consistent, one of the locals said that he has not seen rain for five years. We were there in March and the sun was shining every day we were there.

Anyway all good things must come to an end, and so did our trip to Egypt.

We arrived at sharm el sheikh airport for our flight back to Manchester in the UK, where the chilly wet British weather was waiting for us.


Be firm with shopkeepers if you don’t want to go in their shops say no, be polite but firm.

Haggle with prices the shops around Sharm el Sheikh expect you to do this.

Take care in the Sun it is very hot in Sharm el Sheikh.

If you don’t go Scuba diving you definitely should try snorkelling, The Coral and Aquatic life in the Red Sea around Sharm el Sheikh is the best in the world.

Go on a Quad bike ride in the Sharm el sheikh desert (I wish I did).

Haggle with Taxi Drivers, The taxi drivers in Sharm el Sheikh expect you to haggle the prices.










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