Nice France The South of France

just saying the words makes us think of elegance, beauty and opulence. The area is known for its coastal beaches and towns that cater to the rich, famous and fabulous. However, just because you aren’t a movie star (or maybe you are) doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in some of the South of France’s  finest destinations. If  you are interested in visiting this stunning part of the country, here are just a few places you should consider putting on your itinerary.



Nice France

Located on the French Riviera, this destination is known for its ethnic diversity and waterfront scenery. Nice offers visitors a history and culture, paired with gorgeous beaches and luxury resorts. Start your visit by taking a good look at the city from one of the best vantage points, Colline du Chateau. The ruined castle is not much more than crumbling walls but its view of the harbor makes up for its lack of up-keep. You can spend some of your afternoons wandering the museums and from archeology to art, you will be sure to find one that piques your interest. Be sure to give the old town a visit as the district is filled with tiny alleyways, traditional houses and boutiques and a daily fruit and flower market. One of the highlights of Nice is its natural landscapes. Take a drive along the coast or trek into some of the nearby hills to experience this natural beauty.

yachts at Nice France and all along the French Riviera

There are many fabulous yachts at Nice France and all along the French Riviera


Cannes France

Mostly known for its extravagant film festival each year, Cannes is also a top destination for a relaxing holiday. Visit the old town for traditional architecture and quaint cafes or the covered market for some delicious street eats. Lounge by the beaches or head to the port to admire the mega yachts, owned by the rich and famous. There are two nearby islands that you can take excursions to and see ancient castles and monasteries. Pay a visit to the town’s famous churches or head to the Molinard to learn how perfumes are manufactured. And just luxury boutiques alone can keep you busily shopping for hours on your holiday.

antibes Cannes nice france

French Riviera


Antibes France

This town is best known for its coast and its popularity with French families on holiday. The beaches are romantic and the old town and covered market will take you back in time with its antiquated buildings and cobblestone streets. Art lovers will adore a visit to the Picasso Museum which is housed in his former home and displays some famous works and painted plates. There is also an interesting sculpture garden nearby, although not done by Picasso himself.  Experience the natural scenery with a walk around Cap d’ Antibes where you can see the ocean views from the vantage point of the cape. Learn to scuba dive, go sailing or just enjoy the beaches.


Don’t let the glamour deter you from making the South of France your next holiday destination. There is something there to do for every taste and every budget, so don’t deprive yourself of its beauty.

Whether you choose to Stay in Nice France or any of the other resorts on Frances South Coast you are certain to have an enjoyable holiday.

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