Sardinia a majestic island lies 120 miles off the western  coast of Italy,  a little lower down than the island of Corsica. Sardinia is  the largest island in the Western  Mediterranean. it being some  2600 square  kilometres. The native language of Sardinia is Italian also Catalan is spoken in the islands Alghero region and you will hear some Campidanese in the south.

Cagliari Sardinia Buildings


Sardina boasts a very varied landscape ranging from white sandy beaches on the coast to the mountainous terrain in islands centre. You will encounter a vast array of architecture and culture in the cities like the southern City of Cagliari , to the older coastal towns like Alghero in the islands north.. In the centre of Sardinia lies the Nuoro region, here you will encounter Sardinian towns and villages at over  800 metres above sea level, some of these places still look the same today as they did when they were built.The Emerald Coast or Costa Smerelda is in the northeast of the island this is one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous. The island has a wide variety of archaeological remains, to name one is the Nuraghes (pictured below). These ancient monuments and buildings represent some of the oldest buildings in the world.

Nuraghe ancient cave monument


Dining out in Sardina will never be boring, such a wide variety of dishes and local delicacies. As you would expect seafood dishes feature high on the menu, particularly in the coastal areas.Try the lobster this a a dish which Sardinia is well known for.If seafood is not your platter, then you could always try some wild boar, suckling pig and lets not forget the traditional Sardinia sausage.

sardinia beach

Crystal clear water and pure white sand

If its beaches that you are looking for, you will not be disappointed, the island of Sardinia is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world, with pure white sand, and water so clear theses beaches need to be seen to be believed.

. As the daylight fades in the evening join in with the rest of the Italians and take some time out for the traditional la passeggiata. This is an italian tradition where everyone takes a relaxed walk at the end of the Italian day.

This is time out for families and time to walk and meet and greet people in the street.

Summers are long in Sardina, making it a popular destination for most of the year.Sardinia has kept most of its charm due to stringent local laws forbidding the island to become over developed.One of these laws forbids any new building within 2 miles of the coast.Keeping Sardinia a stunning island to take your holiday.


Scuba dive or snorkel amongst the coral in Alghero, sail at Porto Conte or try some rock climbing in Barbagia in Sardinia you will find there is something for everyone.

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