Amsterdam tourism spot

Every year, thousands of people flock toward various tourism places to take a break from their rushing lives, along with their loved ones. If you haven’t checked off Amsterdam from your list as yet, we highly recommend you consider it this year.


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Amsterdam is one of the finest places to visit with a variety of different attractions. It is filled with sites that are cultural and recreational in their essence. here are a few reasons why we think you should definitely visit Amsterdam this year:

Innumerable canals of Amsterdam

Innumerable canals:

Amsterdam is famous for its canals which just never seem to end! They are literally everywhere. Tourists might find it a little difficult to roam around, but these canals give the city a unique atmosphere. You’ll love the relaxing and clean environment and you can enjoy and sip a beer almost anywhere with ease. You can also cruise through these canals for merely 15 euro.

Red Light Area.

The Red Light Area:

No matter how much you despise women standing for display, this is one place you just can’t miss the chance to visit. Most definitely it is worth a peek. It is one of the most heavily visited tourism sites of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops:

Are you an ardent coffee fan? Well, then it is worth mentioning that besides having purely coffee centric shops and cafes, Amsterdam also has joint smokers in these cafes. Marijuana is legal in Holland therefore a lot of tourists enjoy smoking a joint whenever they please. You can even smell the faint fragrance of the drug in the atmosphere!

The Dam Square:

There are a lot of squares in Amsterdam which are always jam packed with people visiting shops and restaurants. The Dam Square is one of the most densely packed and famous of all. Different funfairs are arranged at this square which is attended by hundreds of people. Some people just sit outside the restaurants and observe the nightlife of the city. One of the best restaurants is Rembrandtplein. Here you can simply grab a table and have a drink.

Dutch restaurants:

Netherlands has variety of delicious cuisines topping on the menu. There are some awesome international restaurants which are visited by numerous people to taste the international cuisines. The most famous, however, are the Indonesian restaurants. In the Dutch menu, one of the finest breweries is Heineken which is a must to taste, and a traditional Hotchpotch dish which is a mixture of mashed potatoes, bacon, meatballs and vegetables.

The Museums:

Amsterdam is also a site of the cultural history and has loads of famous museums all around. Van Gogh museum has variety of paintings by the artists, displayed along the walls. Rijksmuseum is a museum which holds the paintings of both Van Gogh and Rembrandt on exhibits. These museums take almost 3 to 4 hours to completely explore so one should take care to have a lot of time ahead. There is also a museum named Museum of Sex, which people might not want to miss visiting and an absolutely Children’s centered museum is also recommended as a great place to have a look around.

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